Welcome MRED 2013-2014


Hello Everyone –

Welcome to Tax & Accounting for Real Estate for the 2013-2014 year. This blog will be our textbook / reader for the year. I will supplement all items on this blog with inclass discussions to strengthen your tax and accounting fluency. Feel free to post at your will on this blog. You can read the comments from prior year’s MRED group on here also – this is an online learning community!

I also recommend “subscribing” to this blog (see link on the right) so that you can see everyone’s discussions.

Akore : )


Why are you here?


To learn to keep score of your business.

To familiarize yourself with Tax and Accounting rules and terminology. 

To help build a stronger foundation for your business.

The concepts discussed on this blog are crucial for today’s entrepreneur. Understanding all facets of your business includes Tax & Accounting. You are here to develop this crucial skillset.

This blog is organized around our in-class discussion groups in your Master’s program. Each class session has its own blog page (to the right) containing links and brief summaries of important concepts. You should read each blog and its links before the corresponding class date.